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Rework it instead.

Breathe new life into your business and unlock its fullest potential through fresh take strategies that will help you leverage your entire body of work.

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The Fresh Take Solution

You’ve been working hard to create original content for your business for years. You've built resources and products, worked with clients, and yet somehow, you feel like you've plateaued. You worry you're not generating the revenue you could and it always feels like you’re starting over every time you need new digital content.

What if you could work smarter, not harder, by repurposing what you already have to create fresh new content? What if your body of work could be leveraged in a way that allowed you to grow without starting from scratch? What you need is a fresh approach - an  approach that involves looking at the various facets of your business from a new, creative perspective to gain what we call “perceptive insights”.

These insights help us to form a fresh take on your business, and offer the best possible strategies and solutions to move your business forward while preserving the key elements that make your brand unique.


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Lysa is one of a kind and absolutely amazing at what she does! She helped me with a website audit earlier this year which was eye opening and her advice really helped my business grow! I also had a logo created and it turned out beautiful! She took care of me every step of the way and made sure I was completely satisfied with the results! I highly recommend her for all your branding and graphic design needs!


Jessica Heemstra

Pure Excellence Esthetics


Lysa has a remarkable and wonderful combination of heart and head - she has a high level of expertise on the technical side of things but she also appreciates the "big picture" and knows how to make the technology work in service to that. She is friendly, warm, and extremely professional. It was a pleasure working with her and I now consider her part of my virtual team for support and consultation in the future.


Elizabeth Cottrell



Before working with Lysa and her team, I was feeling overwhelmed, and completely in over my head. Through her consummate professionalism, Lysa instilled confidence, offered sage advice, and always had my back. She is an amazing and talented individual who has a work ethic to match my own (and that’s saying ALOT!). 


Joanne Schneider

Nourished Body and Mind


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