WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

A lot of people did not know that WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two very different platforms. And those who do are too busy in WordPress.com Vs WordPress.Org debate to explain anything to others.

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Why Squarespace

Are you an entrepreneur who had always wanted to start a secondary business, but did you hesitate because you knew you would need a website? Or you think you lose customers because your small business

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Why WordPress

If you are on the market to launch a website for the first time and have done some research, it is likely that you have found the name “WordPress.” No surprise: it’s one of the most popular

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WordPress vs Squarespace

Squarespace and WordPress are two prominent website builders that allow you to easily create a website with no technical skills or programming knowledge. However, the decision on which platform is best

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Explainer Video Explained

Online video marketing is a content marketing strategy that uses video to efficiently communicate your brand, product, or service to your audience. When you have a product or service to promote, you can

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How Online Assessments Help Connect You To Your Clients

No matter what type of business you have, it’s no secret that online assessments can help you determine who people think you are and what they feel you offer. If you’ve ever struggled with

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How to Compare Website Hosting Options

If there is one question that we get asked a lot, it’s how to determine which website hosting plan is best. When you first started your online business or online presence for your business via a

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Why Website Maintenance Is So Important

Website maintenance is a lot like maintaining your own home. You’ve just spent a lot of time, energy, and money to build your beautiful website, so why do you have to continue maintaining it?  Some

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The Late Payment Dilemma

If you have a business that involves client payments, you’re likely no stranger to the late payment dilemma. Usually, your client has just genuinely forgotten a payment is due, and when reminded, will

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