Making the Best Decision for Your Membership Site Platform

Are you considering creating a membership site? Membership sites are an amazing way to build a relationship with your audience (with free content or paid programs) but so many times when we think of using

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Is Your Customer Experience Pleasant or Painful?

Have you ever gotten stuck in a customer experience that resembles falling into a black hole? You go online to a service provider’s website, thinking you can do something quickly and easily — but NOPE.

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The Importance of Customer Service

Whenever I think of exceptional customer service, it’s usually after I have gone from point A to point B with a particular company or service. It’s rare that I’ll experience exceptional

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Choosing Tech Tools You’ll (Finally) Use

Fact: You will only use tech tools effectively if they are intuitive to you. That truth is the exact reason why there are countless types of tech tools out there, that perform the exact same process, and

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Where Has All the (SEO) Traffic Gone?

Have you ever looked at your Google Analytics or your website traffic and wondered: Where has all the traffic gone? Your SEO is calling out an SOS and you need to fix it, STAT. First, I need to preface

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Stop Letting Comparison Steal Your Joy

Have you ever heard the expression “comparison is the thief of joy”? In my experience, that expression could not be truer. A comparison can stifle your creativity by choking it or killing it entirely.

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2019: The Year of YOU, The Customer

It’s November, and on our Virtual Collaboration Academy Joint Venture, we’re conducting an appreciation challenge focused on expressing appreciation in the workplace. It’s a time to think

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Finding The Right Fit

You know that old saying: “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”? Lately, I’ve been noticing in my work that a lot of people are doing this exact thing when it comes to both people and

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Lessons Learned From My 30-day Visibility Challenge

When I started my 30-day visibility challenge, I was in a state of recognition. I needed to get more comfortable with being uncomfortable. I realized that I wasn’t really putting myself out there.

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