Jack of All Trades, Master of None…

For a long time in my business, I struggled with being a jack of all trades. I couldn’t figure out how being a jack of all trades was a good thing. Over time, I found that everywhere I turned, people

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Getting Back to Basics

I was watching MasterChef the other day, and Joe said something that really got me thinking…“Sometimes you have to not worry about the aesthetic, and go back to the basics and fundamentals.” That’s

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Bekka Prideaux: From Passion Project to Partnership

I’m going to make an admission and share that this summer has been HARD. At the start of 2018, I decided that this would be the year of transition. Year after year had passed when I wanted to implement

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When “Sales” Is a Dirty Word

The sales process can be a tricky thing. You’ve got to try to encourage someone to buy your product and service — all without being too pushy, desperate, or annoying. When you’re selling, you’re

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Is It Time for a Course Correction?

When I started my business, I can’t say that I came from a place that was 100% based on my WHY. At the time, the decision to work for myself was maybe 25% about my “why” and then 25% about wanting

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Planning Ahead and Breaking the 9 to 5

Summer has arrived! It’s been humid and sunny with blue skies and puffy clouds in the sky. The weather is screaming, come out and play! But clients are also screaming, and it’s not about summer

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Breaking the Cycle of Analysis Paralysis

My sister came for a visit this last week, and I had the pleasure of enjoying her company along with my two nieces and nephew. As a result, I even got a little extra time with my wonderful son. One of

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Shifting Your Money Mindset

Let’s face it… not everyone was born to be a sales person. You have to feel super confident about money and every aspect of the sales process; otherwise, you’re a sitting duck and your

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How I Found My Mastermind Family

When you start your business, especially when it’s an online one, it doesn’t take long before isolation kicks in, and you can start feeling quite lonely. You might have your husband, or your

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