Tools of the Trade

One of my most favorite times of the year is fall, especially the month of November.   It’s a month of remembrance and gratitude. A month of reflection and appreciation. A time to let those

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Top 8 Email Marketing Platforms

You know it and I know it. But are you doing it? Email marketing, that is. If you haven’t gotten into yet, let me tell you- it’s not the way of the future, is the way of the now! Having a growing

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Do You Provide Cookie-Cutter Customer Service?

Let me tell you a story… Jess walked into a salon, ready to be pampered, uplifted and try out a new look. More than anything, she was ready to take a break from her day-to-day and become a bit happier

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The Importance of Email Marketing in Today’s World

At the dawn of the internet, email was the newest, brightest and best thing that could have ever happened to us. Now, a few decades later, email may have lost a little of it’s sparkle but only because

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How Project Management Platforms Increase Productivity

“I thought you were handling that?’ “Do you have a clean version of your logo?” “When is this due again?” “I am missing half of the content. Who is supposed to

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Casting Your Dream Team

I’m a HUGE movie buff, the kind that dissects EVERYTHING – consistency, props, story flow, costumes, camera angles, script, and yes, casting. To me, outside of a good script, the most important

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Let’s Talk Project Management Software!

When I begin working with a client I normally start by asking what project management software they use, and it’s not surprising that the response usually comes back as…none. Many entrepreneurs

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Not All 6-Figure Businesses Are Created Equal

If you’re an online entrepreneur, chances are you’ve heard the term ‘6-figure business’ before. And, depending on where you are in your own business, you’ve either signed

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‘Think Outside The Box’ Marketing

The Super Bowl is known worldwide as the showcasing of the best players in America’s game. It also happens to be the time when some pretty spectacular commercial ads are shown that have water coolers

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