Spaghetti Marketing

Whenever I think of spaghetti marketing I think of shiny object syndrome meets target practice. It’s an unclear approach where you are literally throwing everything at the marketing wall, hoping

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Know Your Limit

Do you love working? I mean LOVE. IT.  I do. I love new challenges, learning, creating, and producing – which makes me a perfect entrepreneur, but, lately, I’ve had to ask myself… do

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The Website Hostage Takeover

I was chatting with a local veterinarian the other day and got to talking about her business. She had recently opened up a clinic and I asked, ‘Oh! What’s your website address?’ – to which she

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Beware of this Marketing Trend

There is a marketing trend you should be aware of… one that will leave you reeling with self-doubt, could empty your bank account, and leave you in complete disarray. It’s call ‘Shiny

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