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This 130+ page instruction manual is absolutely jam-packed with clear, easy to apply instructions on how to craft your course. Presented with a combination of gentle guidance and whip-smart tactics from Dr. Kelly Edmonds, this step-by-step resource helps you plan, strategize, and execute with excellence.

Providing learning is becoming a very popular trend, which shows that people are eager to learn.

BUT, the trick is to design learning well – you know, where learners actually learn. We can assume they
read, see and/or hear your content, but is anything going into their brains and changing? Are they acquiring
new knowledge, developing skills or altering their perceptions? That is the real challenge for any teacher.
I am sure you have experienced some class, course, workshop, etc. where you felt disappointed that you
learned very little.

Think about what was missing. Was it the instructor had poor teaching skills, the learning materials were
lacking something, there was little practice, no feedback was given, or the course was unorganized and had
no point?

Regardless of the format you use to deliver your e-course, sound learning strategies and designs are essential.
Once we establish that in the first part of this e-book, we can get technical.

This Manual Will Take You Through 3 Distinct Topics:

  • Understanding how people learn, including the needs of distance learners
  • Designing learning like a professional educator
  • Using technology to enrich your e-course

About the Author Dr. Kelly Edmonds

With over 20 years of experience as an educator, instructional designer, and CEO of Wired Learning Designs, Dr. Kelly Edmonds is an e-learning specialist in technology and business. She has 3 degrees in education focusing on adult learners, educational technology and online learners. Dr. Kelly loves to create meaningful, interactive e-learning and has worked with many prominent leaders and Fortune 500 companies and universities. She is now retired and enjoys life between the tropics of Turks and Caicos and her home on Mudge Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.


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