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With The Email Follow-Up Strategies Playbook, you’ll learn how to save your emails from going straight to your clients’ trash bin. It’s time to get smart with your follow-up strategy. 

Keeping in touch with your clients via email is one of the best ways to stay on their mind, and let them know directly when you have a new product or offer they’ll love.

So it’s always disappointing to find that 274 of the 300 emails you sent out in your last campaign went unopened. Or worse, you don’t have a good way to track your email opens, and have no idea if your campaigns are even working at all. A strategic email follow-up plan is the key to making sure you’re sending emails your clients can’t wait to open the moment they hit their inbox.

By developing an effective email follow-up strategy, you’ll be able to:

  • Convert Browsers to Buyers - Deliver the offers and products your clients have been looking for directly to their inbox, and close more sales. 
  • Engage Your Dream Client - By narrowing down your ideal client, you’ll better understand how to connect with them, and they’ll actually look forward to receiving and opening your emails.
  • Keep Your Brand Prominent - Ensure your brand is always at the top of your ideal client’s mind, by keeping in touch with them consistently.
  • Establish Yourself In Your Market - With follow-up emails that highlight your expertise and the value of your services, you’ll stand out as a leader in your field.

In The Email Follow-Up Strategies Playbook you’ll find:

Simple exercises

Quick workbook style exercises will help you define your dream client and outline your goals, to develop a strategic email follow-up plan and schedule.

Helpful Resources

We’ll show you how to plan and schedule automated follow-up emails, by using the recommended resources throughout the playbook.

Easy to understand explanations

We’ve simplified everything you’ll need to know to create enticing follow-up emails, including how to write effective subject lines and call to actions, what to offer your clients, and how to implement automated follow-up systems.

clear next steps

Seamlessly take your strategy from development to implementation, with simple next steps for launching your email follow-up campaign.

Download The Email Follow-Up Playbook, and start developing your email follow-up strategy today!

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The Email Follow-Up Strategies Playbook will teach you how to prevent your emails from being discarded by your clients. Enhance your follow-up approach and make every email count.