online challenge production

engage your community and get participants excited about your products

The Online Challenge Production Playbook will help you give your community quick wins, support, and allow them to better understand what you have to offer.

Looking for a way to engage your community, and promote your awesome products in the process? Today’s your lucky day.

We all love a good challenge. Whether it’s some friendly competition over who can do the most push-ups in a minute, or a social media challenge to post a #BadPromPic, we just have to join in. It’s that competitive spirit that makes online challenges such an effective way to engage people. Posing a challenge to your community makes them want to jump on board, and join in with others who are all striving to achieve a common goal within a set amount of time. With the right strategy, you can wield this tool to your advantage to achieve your own goals, whether you want to gain more followers or make more sales.

With a strategic online challenge, you'll be able to:

  • Increase Engagement with your Customer Base - Your community will be ready to actively participate in the challenge and encouraged to share their experience to increase your reach even further.
  • Strengthen Your Brand and Credibility - An opportunity to give your community something of value that they will have fun doing, and can easily see results from makes them more invested in your brand and confident in your expertise.
  • Make More Sales - When people are excited about your brand and already benefiting from your services, it’s the perfect time to offer your other products that will help them continue to grow.

In The Online Challenge Production Playbook you’ll find:

Simple exercises

Quick workbook-style exercises will help you develop your online challenge and map out your strategy for easy implementation.

helpful resources

Get your challenge up and running by using the resources we recommend throughout the playbook.

Easy to understand explanations

We’ve broken down the entire process of creating an effective online challenge that will keep your participants engaged.

Content Planning tools

Prepare the content you’ll use throughout the challenge with our provided planners.

Download The Online Challenge Production Playbook, and get instant access to learn how to increase your engagement and sales by creating a strategic online challenge today!

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