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With the Website Page Production Playbook, you'll learn how to modernize your site to bring in more web traffic and create a seamless user experience.

If new clients aren’t coming to you saying “I found you through your website”, it’s time to shake things up.

We’ve all had it happen; you look up a business to check their hours of operation, menu, or to learn more about their company, only to find that they are seemingly nonexistent on the web. Or maybe you find their website, but it’s difficult to navigate and just doesn’t look professional. You were prepared to buy before, but now you’re frustrated and ready to take your business elsewhere. Yikes! This is not the experience you want for clients looking you up online. Luckily, a fresh website overhaul can fix any of these issues with your site and transform it into your most powerful marketing tool.

By strategically revamping your website, you’ll be able to:

  • Connect with Your Ideal Client - Learn how to define your ideal client, and strategically plan your content to attract them to your website and make them want to stick around.
  • Showcase Yourself - By carefully planning out your website content, you’ll be able to use it as a tool to showcase your expertise and give your audience confidence in your abilities.
  • Stand Out From the Competition - With a properly optimized website, you’ll rank higher in search results and stand out from others offering similar services. Having a modern, easy-to-use website will also help you show the world you mean business.
  • Make More Sales - Increased traffic to your website, and a more effective strategy to lead visitors to your paid product offers will result in a higher volume of sales made through your site.

In The Website Page Production Playbook you’ll find:

Simple exercises

Quick workbook-style exercises will help you develop a strong strategy that targets your ideal client.

Helpful Resources

Easily plan out the content for your website, and map out your user flow and site pages using the provided planners.

Easy to understand explanations

We’ve simplified everything you’ll need to know to strategically plan your website, including how to identify your ideal client, designing an effective user flow, search engine optimization (SEO), and how to lead visitors to your opt-in.

clear next steps

Seamlessly take your strategy from development to implementation, with simple next steps for revamping your website.

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learn how to modernize your site to bring in more web traffic and create a seamless user experience.