Membership Site ProductionLet’s Partner Together & Create An Impactful Space.

Ready To Serve & Support Your Customers In A Sustaining Way?

You’ve been in business for a few years, serving your customers with powerful, in-depth services and/or products. You’re ready to scale and grow your audience, seeking to serve a larger customer base that’s sustainable, interactive, and manageable. It’s time for you to create a membership site – a place where your exclusive content will educate, inform, and inspire your customers, building a community around your brand. We love all varieties of membership sites and have worked with all kinds of businesses to build wonderfully supportive portals created to their customer profiles and content requirements.

Online Courses

Create an innovative digital platform that features your online courses in a supportive format that sets each student up for success.

Digital Programs

Create a premium experience that best supports your digital programs, featuring all of the tools and support needed for success.

Client Portals

Create a client portal that gives your customers access to all of their digital files, resources & supporting materials that they need for their work with you.

OUR WORKLet’s get visual.

  • “Before working with Lysa, I was feeling overwhelmed, and completely in over my head. Through her consummate professionalism, Lysa instilled confidence, offered sage advice, and always had my back. She is an amazing and talented individual who has a work ethic to match my own (and that’s saying ALOT!).”
    Joanne Schneider | Nourished Body and Mind

  • “After working with Lysa, I realized I wasted a lot of time and money. She exceeded my expectations – you don’t see her level of service very often. In addition to being so impressed with her work, she was a pleasure to work with. Finally, I feel like someone really understands me and my projects. ”
    Maxine Drake | Maxine Drake Consulting

  • “Lysa’s capabilities and wider range of talents lead me to a website redesign, social media overhaul and an ability to refocus my attention on larger business goals, like my new online training course. Her dependability and ease of communication frees my time up to concentrate on other things, without missing a beat. ”
    Kim Greco | Paws and Possibilities

  • “When I came to Lysa, I was overwhelmed and in a time crunch. On top of that, I felt some lack of knowledge with what I wanted to accomplish. I absolutely LOVED what she did for me and I really appreciated her openness to feedback. Seriously, she’s amazing. I love her and totally see us working more together in the future. ”
    Emyrald Sinclaire | Love Coach

  • “I came to Lysa after attempting to set things up myself; confused about how to set up my course and make it all run. I expected to get bare bones, but got not only a fully functional course, but also a beautiful user experience. She made launching my course happen in a way I never thought possible and am so thankful to her for going above and beyond. She really cares about her work and it shows.”
    Jessica Sweet | Wishingwell Coaching

  • ” When looking to launch my membership site, I overwhelmed and worried about getting everything done. I wasn’t sure where to start and needed support. Lysa always produced excellent results and really thought through best solutions for my needs. I loved knowing that I could turn to her for support and that things would be taken care of professionally and with a great deal of thought put into each task. I love working with her. ”
    Samantha Nolan-Smith | Business Alignment Coach & Leadership Mentor

OUR PROCESSSee exactly how we accomplish our goals.

  • Step 1: Strategic Planning

    We start our production work with a collaborative strategy session, drilling down to your core project goals and objectives. During this phase, creativity flows and a scope of work emerges.

  • Step 2: Project Prep Work

    During this phase, we gather everything we need to execute your project; examining all your current tools, platforms, and software, to determine which will be best suited for your ultimate project goals.

  • Step 3: Digital Production

    It’s all systems go during this phase, where we implement the scope of work. This process feels like an incubator, as collaboration allows for concepts to be cultivated, polished, and produced.

  • Step 4: Polish & Publish

    In our final phase, we release your project to the world. After testing all facets of the user experience, system checks, and design tweaks, we leave you with a completed product, ready to serve.