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Create Appealing Product Offers and maximize the value of your sales

Sales not matching up with the investment you put into promoting your products? The Sales Funnel Production Playbook will help you with ways to fix that.

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If you run a business, you know how much effort goes into new client outreach.

You’ve already spent tons of time and money getting your ideal client to your sales page, so you really want to make that sale count. You know that moment when you order a burger, and can’t resist when asked “Would you like fries with that?” This is that moment for your client. A strategic sales funnel is carefully crafted to offer your client exactly what they’ve been looking for, and then show them what other crispy golden deliciousness you’ve prepared for them. So when a customer is ready to hit the “buy” button, you’ll be ready to make it count. The Sales Funnel Production Playbook will show you how to create appealing product offers and effectively structure your funnel to maximize the value of your sales.

With a strategic sales funnel, you’ll be able to:

  • Create Irresistible Product Offers - Tailoring products specifically to your target client’s current level, and making sure they provide a solution to their problem will make their purchase a no-brainer.
  • Increase the Value of your Average Customer - By learning the art of the upsell, downsell, and how to offer adjacent products at exactly the right time you’ll increase the average dollar amount your customers are spending.
  • Continue Making Sales After the Initial Purchase - Strategically structuring your sales funnel means that you’ll be able to offer even more helpful products that your clients need down the road, as well as earning income from useful affiliate product referrals.

In The Sales Funnel Production Playbook you’ll find:

Simple exercises

Quick workbook-style exercises will help you develop your sales funnel and map out your strategy for easy implementation.

Content Planning Tools

Prepare the content for your email campaigns and freebies with our provided planners.

Easy to understand explanations

We’ve broken down the most important components of an effective sales funnel, from enticing product offers to upselling.

helpful resources

Get your sales funnel up and running by using the resources we recommend throughout the playbook.

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