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With The Showcase Your Expertise Playbook, you will be able to effectively communicate your prowess through strategic marketing.

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You’ve got years of hands-on experience and accomplishments under your belt.

At this point, you could answer client emails in your sleep (if only someone would invent that technology.) So why are you still struggling to stand out from your competition, and explaining the value of your services to new clients till you’re blue in the face? It’s only natural for people to want to know what they’re paying for. But if you can clearly establish yourself as a leader in your field before they ever reach out, it will be a no-brainer to go with you. The Showcase Your Expertise Playbook will enable you to effectively communicate your prowess through strategic marketing. 

By establishing yourself as a specialist, you’ll be able to:

  • Focus On What You Do Best - Identify your “zone of genius” to narrow down your niche, so you can focus your energy on cornering a specific market.
  • Stand Out From Your Competition - Prominently displaying your training, experience, accolades, and client testimonials in all of your marketing will establish credibility, and make you stand out from others offering similar services.
  • Easily Sell to Clients - When clients trust your expertise and understand your value from the very beginning, they’ll be ready to invest in your services and pay you what you’re worth.
  • Attract Media Attention - Dominating your niche will make you the obvious choice for media outlets looking to interview someone on the topic, to further cement your guru status.

In The Showcase Your Expertise Playbook you’ll find:

Simple exercises

Quick workbook style exercises will help you narrow down your niche, and create a clear plan for revamping your marketing strategy.

clear next steps

Seamlessly take your strategy from development to implementation, with simple to follow next steps for solidifying your expert status.

Easy to understand explanations

We've broken down the process of establishing yourself as an expert into nine easy steps, with simple explanations for each phase.

helpful resources

Easily create a content posting plan with our provided outlines and content suggestions.

Download the Showcase Your Expertise Playbook, and start establishing yourself as an expert today!


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