a Collaborative spirit

We help you build stronger client relationships & serve with soul working smarter, not harder.

We know that when it comes to using digital marketing and building relationships online, you want your brand to create meaningful, impactful relationships. The same way you would if a client was sitting across from you over a cup of coffee. And your audience? They want a relationship built on trust. We also understand how monstrous a task it is to build a brand and believe collaboration is the key to avoiding burnout. At Fresh Take Productions, we help you create strong client relationships thoughtful experiences using tools, tech, and a collaborative approach. 

who we are

Founded by Lysa Greer, Fresh Take Productions began with a simple concept: that relationships are the heart of every great business. We are a collaborative group of creatives specializing in digital marketing and production with a focus on building strong client relationships and working smarter, not harder. We support growing and established businesses and entrepreneurs by offering fresh perspectives to digital and business problems, offering insightful solutions that will help leverage and scale businesses for sustained growth.

client relationships
client relationships

what we do

Strong client relationships should stand the test of time. Through the use of technology, we craft solutions to address everything from strategic planning to ongoing content marketing support. We partner with our clients to help them see where they are currently, what can (or needs to be) reworked to allow for growth. We believe a strong, sustainable business can be achieved through creating connections that are rooted in relationships and focus on bringing your brand and your audience together. 

why we do it

In our 24/7 always connected world, it’s easy to forget that your business should be all about people — not just transactions. We also understand the pressures of running a business (after all, we are business owners, too!), and don't believe in throwing babies out with bathwater. We know your full body of work can serve you in many ways and give you perspective you need so you can see your business flourish. We do what we do for you. It's that simple.

client relationships
client relationships

how we do it

We have made "Work smarter, not harder" our motto and come at every problem with a fresh perspective. We provide simple, clear solutions and strategically use technology to help you create stronger connections with your audience. We combine creativity, strategy, and implementation to ensure the best results for your project.

What Defines Us

At Fresh Take Productions, relationships are at the heart of what we do.
We’re a collaborative group of professional creatives who help small businesses build, grow, and maintain their online brands. We create intelligent, integrated solutions to create  an unforgettable experience and a lasting relationship with your customers.

We Live By The Golden Rule

“Do to others what you want them to do to you.” This valuable life lesson taught in childhood still remains true in business. We believe that by following this simple piece of advice we can ensure that every member of our community feels supported and fulfilled while being treated fairly and with respect.

We Foster Appreciation

The heart of our company lies in the recognition and appreciation of others, both for their creative contributions and core work ethics. As certified facilitators of Appreciation in the Workplace, our goal is to always create an authentic atmosphere of appreciation; not only among our team but also with our clients.

We Value Integrity

Integrity is infused in all aspects of our work. We believe honesty is the core guiding principle in any relationship, and seek to always communicate the truth with sincerity and kindness. We feel transparency breeds trust and believe in conducting our projects with utmost clarity and communication.

We Value Continual Education

We believe in the continued growth and nurture everyone we collaborate with to be a human sponge. Developing one's skills not only helps build opportunities but helps strengthen confidence and abilities all around.


Lysa Greer

As a digital producer, I help creative and service-based entrepreneurs fulfill their business vision through creative ideation, technical solutions, and relationship marketing.I help bridge the gap between big picture, strategy, and implementation. With over 20 years of experience working with a variety of businesses, I bring a comprehensive background in broadcasting, interactive and print media, to every project I produce.

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