Unlocking Stronger Client Relationships

We see possibility everywhere. 

Enabling you to develop robust client relationships and seize all potential opportunities.

When it comes to nurturing client relationships and optimizing your offers, we understand your desire to establish genuine, impactful connections. Just as you would when meeting a client face-to-face for a coffee chat, your goal is to build trust and forge a partnership for mutual success. 

At Fresh Take Productions, we specialize in crafting robust client relationships and refining your offers through thoughtful experiences. Our approach leverages cutting-edge tools and technology, all while fostering a collaborative atmosphere to help you thrive.

who we are

Conceived by Lysa Greer, Fresh Take Productions was founded on a fundamental principle: strong business strategies, thoughtful service design, and offer optimization are at the heart of every thriving enterprise. We are a dynamic collective of creative minds, specializing in strategic business solutions that prioritize these crucial aspects.

Our expertise is dedicated to supporting businesses, both emerging and well-established, as well as entrepreneurs. We offer fresh perspectives on refining your business strategies, designing services, and optimizing your offers. Our innovative solutions are tailored to empower and scale your enterprise for sustained success.

what we do

At the core of our mission is the cultivation of enduring client relationships. Through collaborative efforts with our clients, we facilitate a deep understanding of their current business landscape. This involves a meticulous analysis of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for optimization. We then provide actionable solutions that pave the way for sustained growth.

Our guiding philosophy revolves around the creation of robust and sustainable businesses. We place a premium on authentic relationships, fostering strong connections between our clients, their brands, and their target audiences.

why we do it

In today's perpetually connected world, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that your business should revolve around people, not merely transactions. As fellow business owners, we intimately grasp the demands and challenges you face. We firmly believe in the value of preserving and optimizing your full body of work, avoiding hasty decisions.

We recognize that your entire professional journey can serve as a wellspring of insights, providing the perspective necessary for your business to flourish. Our driving motivation is simple: we do what we do for you, with a relentless focus on creating valued experiences and optimizing your offers.

what defines Us

At Fresh Take Productions, our foundation is built upon the significance of relationships. We are a collective of dedicated creative professionals, focused on assisting small businesses in establishing, nurturing, and sustaining their online brands. Through our collaborative efforts, we engineer ingenious, interconnected solutions designed to forge unforgettable experiences and enduring customer relationships.


Our core value of authenticity is the bedrock of our identity. It embodies resilience and a returning to our real selves. We hold honesty, transparency, and the genuine in the highest regard. It's what defines us and shapes our every endeavor.


Our core value of balance encompasses reciprocity, the harmonious blending of positive and negative elements, humility, openness, fairness, and equality. It promotes cohesiveness in all that we do, fostering a well-rounded approach that ensures equitable and harmonious outcomes.


Our core value of connection is grounded in generosity, being fully present with those we serve, and seeking to create meaningful bonds. We measure our actions by whether they foster connection and bring joy to those we engage with.


Our core value of empathy is the practice of walking a mile in someone else's shoes; completely submerging ourselves in the pursuit of better understanding, embodying kindness, and showing honor to others' experiences and feelings.


Lysa Greer

As a business strategist and service designer, my mission is to empower small businesses and service providers to bring their business visions to life through meticulous offer optimization, innovative ideation, technical solutions, and relationship-focused marketing. My expertise lies in bridging the gap between the broader strategic vision and its successful implementation.

With more than two decades of experience collaborating with diverse businesses, my approach draws upon a rich background encompassing broadcasting, interactive media, and print media. I infuse this extensive knowledge into every project I undertake, driven by the unwavering commitment to craft experiences that hold true value for both businesses and their clients.

Are you ready for a fresh take?

Let's embark on a journey to explore your distinctive business landscape, assess your current experiences, and uncover opportunities at every touchpoint. Together, we'll craft a comprehensive strategic plan that bridges the gap between your present and your envisioned future.