Fresh Take consultation

Unlock Your Business Potential

At the heart of every thriving online business is a clear, strategic vision that is exemplified in expertly crafted services. Whether you're a vibrant solopreneur or a dynamic small business owner, your journey towards growth and optimization starts here.


Why Do You Need A Fresh Take Consultation?

In a digital landscape that's constantly evolving, standing out and staying ahead means embracing change with open arms and a strategic mindset. Our Fresh Take Consultation is more than just a preparatory "meeting"; it's the cornerstone of a partnership designed to elevate your business to new heights.

Consider These Two Options

Two Core Focuses

Digital Production Consultation

Do you have a particular digital project in mind and are looking for strategic support? 

Business Evolution Consultation

Are you curious about how your business could holistically be optimized, evolve, and grow?

"After working with Lysa during our strategy session, I felt empowered, informed, and feeling like I worked with the right person who understood me and my vision. I found Lysa to be detailed, goal-oriented, flexible, and found her to be an amazing listener. Her energy, detail orientation, and devotion to the task are amazing.”


Edita Atteck Creative Living

Digital Production Consultation

For Your Specific Digital Projects

Do you have a new or existing digital project in mind but need strategic insights and support to bring it to life? Our Digital Production Consultation is tailor-made for creators like you.

What We Offer in this consultation:

  • Strategic Planning: A complete review to align your project implementation with your business goals for maximum impact.
  • Creative Development: Guidance through crafting compelling digital content, offers, and courses to ensure your objectives are met.
  • Technical Support: Provision of expert advice on platforms, tools, and best practices to support you in navigating the complexities of digital production.

why choose this consultation?


If you are a solopreneur or small business who is ready to launch or refine a digital product, course, service, or marketing strategy, this consultation is for you. Consider this is your starting point to turning your ideas into digital success stories.

Your Investment: $500

“Before working with Lysa, I was wondering how much value I’d get out of the strategy session. After working with her, I felt a lot more excited about my plans and like I have a solid handle on what I need to do in order to birth my vision. Lysa was very helpful, came to the sessions with great ideas, and delivered exactly what she said she would. I’m so excited to move forward!”


Sex & Relationship Coach

Business Evolution Consultation

For Your Holistic Business Growth

Interested in understanding how your business can optimize, evolve, and scale? Our Business Evolution Consultation is a focused, one-hour session designed to pinpoint your business's unique needs and lay the groundwork for a comprehensive transformation through our Business Evolution Blueprint.

What We Offer in this consultation:

  • Initial Assessment: A quick yet thorough evaluation of your current business operations to identify key areas for growth and optimization.
  • Focused Discussion: An opportunity to discuss your business vision, challenges, and objectives, guiding the focus of the subsequent Business Evolution Blueprint.
  • Strategic Insights: Preliminary recommendations to start thinking about holistic business evolution, setting the stage for a deeper dive.

why choose this consultation?


If you are a solopreneur or small business who is looking to meticulously understand your current business foundations and explore focused strategies for meaningful business evolutions, this is for you. This consultation serves as the precursor to our in-depth Business Evolution Blueprint, designed for those ready to commit to a transformative journey.

Your Investment: $500


Your path to digital mastery and holistic business evolution begins here. Let's lay the foundation for your business's remarkable growth and innovation.