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Your Next business Evolution Begins
with A fresh take strategy session

Do you feel disconnected, stuck, and wondering what you next steps should be in your business, marketing, and operations? Are you tired of trying all. the. things, only to walk away more confused, out an investment, and struggling to understand why things aren't working? Are you ready to walk away with a complete strategic plan for getting your business out of the weeds and back on the road to growth and prosperity?

It happens all too often...

You’ve just taken a course from one of the “big-time entrepreneurs” telling you how to follow their formula to success. You did all the steps. Completed all the modules. Bought all the tools, but your offering still isn’t profitable.

That’s because they don’t ever share a key piece of information:
their business environment.

Why understanding your
business environment matters.

Your business environment is the sum or collection of all internal and external factors such as offer structure, operations, marketing efforts, team, etc.
All these factors affect the function of the business and how a company works, both directly or indirectly.
This collection of factors all cohesively influence the business environment and situation, producing outcomes.

Every business is unique.
Therefore, every business environment is unique.

Understanding your unique business environment allows you to:
identify business opportunities
tap into useful resources
assists in strategizing, planning, and Implementing the Right Tactics
improve the overall performance, growth, and profitability of Your business

Does this sound familiar?

  • You're growing your business revenue and transitioning from 5 to 6-figures.
  • You're in need of support to implement your big picture strategy, but, feel consumed by all. the. things.
  • You're likely trying to shift your business model so you can migrate away from one-to-one and move towards one-to-many offers.
  • You've been learning strategies from the gurus of the digital world and are excited - but - don't have the resources (budget, team, or skills) to fully implement all the strategies you're hearing about.
  • You need help them see how these strategies can fit into your existing business and position yourself for success.

Let’s face it, business is personal!

The attention you give your clients in order to form a personal connection and truly understand their needs can make all the difference in creating long-term working relationships.

But it can be a struggle to find time to connect with your clients when you are overwhelmed by the constant demands every business owner faces: obtaining new leads, modernizing your company’s web presence, creating new content, and maintaining efficient operations. 

Let's Uncover Your Unique Business Environment so we can Bridge The Gap Between Your Big Picture Vision And The Strategy That Will Get You There, Holistically.

a fresh take to a focused solution

how fresh take strategy sessions
can help you

fresh take strategy sessions
connect with your ideal clients & customers

If you don't feel connected to your clients and customers, chances are they aren't the right ones for you. Understanding your ideal customer experience requires digging into the very core of your offering experience and determining precisely what impact you seek to have and to whom that impact will most support. Narrowing in on key behavior indicators is key to user and customer mapping and allows you to craft the best experiences. Once you have your ideal experience mapped out, the connection becomes much more attainable.

fresh take strategy sessions
understand your differentiating factors so you can Stand Out From The Competition 

You know the expression about the many "fish in the sea." Understanding what kind of fish you are and what makes you a "catch" can help you stand out from the other "fish"! Sounds easy enough, right? But often, we can get in the weeds on this and start to take on the language and look of other "fish." We soon look around and don't fully feel like ourselves and unknowingly have "blended in" with the other "fish." Anchoring back into your unique differentiating factors will pull you back into your more authentic business environment, making you distinguishable again.

fresh take strategy sessions
craft your business navigation roadmap

Roadmaps are crucial foundational elements to any circumstance where a specific outcome or destination is the goal. The alternative leaves things to chance. Some consider that experience more aligned with their core desire; to them, the experience of "going where the wind blows" is what they seek. However, if you have a business objective, it needs a roadmap. The roadmap is your strategy and should be uniquely crafted to your business environment, considering your requirements for tactical implementation, resources, prioritization, etc. Creating your business navigation roadmap will help you get to where you are going faster, with fewer headaches, and in a way that aligns with your business environment.

“After working with Lysa during our strategy session, I felt empowered, informed, and feeling like I worked with the right person who understood me and my vision. I found Lysa to be detailed, goal-oriented, flexible, and found her to be an amazing listener. Her energy, detail orientation, and devotion to the task are amazing.”
Edita Atteck

edita atteck

what to expect

Pre-Work + Assessment

You’ll complete an in-depth questionnaire that will help us get an understanding of where you are currently, assess the challenges your business may be struggling with, and how you want your company to grow moving forward. These key details about you and your business support the beginning elements of understanding your unique business environment and allow us to prepare for our session together.

deep dive + Strategy session

During our 90-minute strategy session, we will review, evaluate, and uncover your unique business environment further and strategize on exactly what steps should be taken to implement and execute your desired goals. With a comprehensive understanding of your business and your commitments, we will prepare a strategic plan to move your business forward in a holistic, streamlined, and effective way.

Custom strategic plan + roadmap

After our strategy session, you will have a custom strategic plan and a clear roadmap to navigate you to your goals. Your easy-to-follow strategic plan will be accompanied by a detailed scope of work that is ready to be implemented by you or your team immediately.

Post-session Support

Support is critical to the success of any goal or commitment. That is why we provide personal email or Voxer support and check-ins for up to two weeks after our session. We also have long-term support packages available if needed.

After your strategy session, you'll walk away with:

  • A concise strategic plan, complete with your full scope of work to produce your business vision.
  • Laser-focused action items ready to be implemented immediately.
  • A complete list of tasks, checklists, timelines and recommended tools to complete your project goals.
  • Strategic next steps to help guide you through your target objectives.
  • And a big ol' sigh of relief knowing that there is a clear way forward, tailored specifically for you!
strategic road mapping

Your Fresh Take Strategy Session Includes:

  • An in-depth questionnaire that will help us get an understanding of where you are currently, assess the challenges your business may be struggling with, and how you want your company to grow moving forward
  • A 90-minute strategy session to review, evaluate, and uncover your unique business environment, uncover any gaps or disconnects, and strategize on precisely what holistic tactics are needing to be implemented to reach your desired goals
  • A custom strategic plan and a clear roadmap accompanied by a detailed scope of work that is ready to be implemented by you or your team immediately
  • Two weeks of post-session support via email or Voxer
Dawn Serra

“Before working with Lysa, I was wondering how much value I’d get out of the strategy session. After working with her, I felt a lot more excited about my plans and like I have a solid handle on what I need to do in order to birth my vision. Lysa was very helpful, came to the sessions with great ideas, and delivered exactly what she said she would. I’m so excited to move forward!”
Dawn Serra