creativity + strategy + implementation

Unlocking Your Business Potential
with a Fresh Perspective

At Fresh Take Productions, we recognize that every project we undertake is as unique as the clients we serve and the audiences they aim to connect with.

Our fundamental objective is clear:
To empower our clients to derive maximum value from their entire body of work.

We advocate for working smarter, not harder.

Through a comprehensive reevaluation of existing business assets and structures, our approach revolves around the lens of relationship marketing and content optimization. We strive to help established businesses rediscover and strengthen their connections with those who matter most—customers and clients.

When you prioritize relationships in your marketing and sales efforts, the result is nothing short of magical—content, loyal clients, and a flourishing business.

Our Collaborative Process

Phase 1: Plan

We initiate our partnership with a collaborative strategy session, where we delve into your overarching vision and then narrow down to your core projects, goals, and objectives.

During this phase, we meticulously examine your existing body of work, identifying elements that can be repurposed, exploring creative ideas, and defining the most effective course of action for your project.

Additionally, we conduct a thorough evaluation of your budget, assess the profitability of core offers, and audit your current technology assets to ensure a solid foundation.

Phase 2: Prep

With your strategy session complete, we gather all the necessary elements to execute your project efficiently. We support you throughout this process by providing clear instructions and an action plan, ensuring that each team member is well-prepared for their role.

During the prep phase, every action we take is geared toward aligning the client experience with your brand identity. We outline the entire production process, grant access to our portal, and provide digital production assets essential for project completion.

Phase 3: Produce

This phase marks the moment of implementation, where we breathe life into your plans. We handle everything required to bring your project to fruition, including design, development, systems integration, client communications, and more. We offer post-production support to ensure a confident launch, enabling you to focus on delivering exceptional service to your clients and customers. After thorough testing of the user experience, system checks, and design refinements, we deliver a completed product that is ready to captivate your audience.

Are you ready for a fresh take?

Let's embark on a journey to explore your distinctive business landscape, assess your current experiences, and uncover opportunities at every touchpoint. Together, we'll craft a comprehensive strategic plan that bridges the gap between your present and your envisioned future.