creativity + strategy + implementation

a fresh perspective on
client relationship management

At Fresh Take Productions, we understand that every project we work on is unique, as are the clients
who come to us and the audience they’re trying to reach.

Our goal is simple: to help our clients streamline their workflow and reap the most significant benefit of client relationship management while being able to provide their audience with an unforgettable user experience.

And that’s just the start. Relationship marketing is all about fostering client loyalty, interaction, and long-term engagement. When you take a relationship marketing-driven approach, you’re focusing on developing strong connections with clients by providing them with information suited to their needs and interests while promoting open communication.

When you put relationships first in your marketing and sales, the end result is pure magic —
happy, loyal clients and a thriving business.

how we work together

We’re specialists in client relationship management. When you work with Fresh Take Productions, you get a proven process to help you streamline and deliver your clients a memorable experience with your brand.

phase 1: plan

We kick things off with a collaborative strategy session focused on drilling down to your core project goals and objectives. During this phase, we’ll carefully assess the best options for your audience, explore creative ideas, and define the next steps for this project.

phase 2: prep

Next, we gather everything we need to execute your project. We examine all your current tools, platforms, and software to determine which will be best suited for your ultimate project goals. During the prep phase, everything we do is tied to ensuring you’re delivering a client experience that aligns with your overall brand.

phase 3: Produce

It’s go time, which means we get into implementation mode and bring your plans to life. We’ll build out everything needed to make this project a reality, including design, development, systems implementation, client communications and more.

phase 4: Publish

In our final phase, we release your project to the world. After testing all facets of the user experience — while doing system checks and design tweaks — we leave you with a completed product, ready to wow your audience.