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Transforming Email Strategies

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your email marketing strategies? The first step is to conduct a personalized consultation designed to refine your strategy, enhance engagement, and increase conversions. Let’s elevate your email outreach to build lasting customer relationships.

Tailored Strategy: Every business is unique which means you need a customized email marketing plan that aligns with your specific goals and ideal consumer.

Performance Analysis:  Do you know how your current strategy is performing? A dive deep into your current email performance can help identify what's working, what isn't, and where you can improve.

Core Content Optimization: Your strategy is only as good as your connection. This means an exploration on campaign efficiency and effectiveness is needed to ensure you have compelling email content that resonates with your consumer and drives action.

wonderful combination of heart and head

"Lysa worked with me on setting up ConvertKit on my blog. This included design work, creating funnels, and ensuring that the email sign-up process from my website was easy and intuitive. She took the time to understand my goals and made it a priority to fit into those goals. Every step of the way, she created videos to explain why she did what she did so I could both learn and refer back to them. Lysa has a remarkable and wonderful combination of heart and head -- she has a high level of expertise on the technical side of things but she also appreciates the "big picture" and knows how to make the technology work in service to that. She is friendly, warm, and extremely professional. It was a pleasure working with her and I now consider her part of my virtual team for support and consultation in the future."

elizabeth cottrell  //  Freelance Writer,

Unleashing Potential with One Hour of Focused Email Marketing Strategy

Our Fresh Take Consultations are designed to be the critical first step in collaborating with us. This one-hour consultation, priced at $500, is a deep dive into the heart of your business. Our goal is simple yet profound: to grasp what you, as a business owner, are aiming to achieve. Whether it's fleshing out a new project or refining an ongoing endeavor, we aim to understand the direction you envision.

What We Offer in Fresh Take Consultation:

  1. 1
    Initial Assessment of Your Business’s Current State: We start by assessing where your business stands today. Understanding your current position is crucial in charting the course forward.
  2. 2
    Foundation Analysis: What do you have in place? We evaluate your existing foundations - be it your business model, strategy, resources, or team dynamics - to understand the core from which we can build.
  3. 3
    Direction and Goal Setting: The essence of Fresh Take is to discern the direction you aspire to take. We discuss, refine, and set clear goals for your project or business venture.
  4. 4
    Crafting a Preliminary Roadmap: Based on our consultation, we sketch a preliminary roadmap for your email marketing based on your core offerings and idea customer experience. This roadmap will guide you to the next steps and lay the groundwork for a more comprehensive Email Marketing or Business Blueprint Diagnostic, should you choose to proceed further.

Your Investment: $500