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Tired of managing a million lists and looking to make a switch from your current email provider to ConvertKit? Or are you already converted, but not using ConvertKit to its fullest potential?
No matter where you are in your business, if email marketing is a strategy you plan on using your business, we can help you implement solutions today.

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Our Process

Phase 1: Scoping and Planning

In this phase, we will conduct an initial investigation and scoping of your migration project. Services include a pre-migration discovery call and an assessment of your current email provider and inbound marketing // content strategies. Once this discovery process is complete, a custom migration strategy will be crafted that will also include your complete content marketing plan.

Phase 2: Implementation

Once all pre-migration items are turned in, the implementation of your detailed migration strategy begins. You will be kept up to speed during this time to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Phase 3: Review

Upon completion of the project a review will be performed to verify your satisfaction with the project, as well as identifying any needed follow-up activities.

wonderful combination of heart and head

"Lysa worked with me on setting up ConvertKit on my blog. This included design work, creating funnels, and ensuring that the email sign-up process from my website was easy and intuitive. She took the time to understand my goals and made it a priority to fit into those goals. Every step of the way, she created videos to explain why she did what she did so I could both learn and refer back to them. Lysa has a remarkable and wonderful combination of heart and head -- she has a high level of expertise on the technical side of things but she also appreciates the "big picture" and knows how to make the technology work in service to that. She is friendly, warm, and extremely professional. It was a pleasure working with her and I now consider her part of my virtual team for support and consultation in the future."

elizabeth cottrell  //  Freelance Writer,

convertkit audit



  • A complete review of your ConvertKit setup
    A complete review of your current opt-ins, funnels, automation rules, and sequences
    A customized recommendations video and checklist ready for implementation
ConvertKit Audit &
strategic Optimization



    A complete review of your ConvertKit setup; your current opt-ins, funnels, automation rules, and sequences
    A strategic assessment of your overall user experience, administrative objectives, and email marketing goals
  • A 60-minute strategic consultation to determine best strategies for you to best utilize ConvertKit to build a thriving community & ideal user experience
  • A customized recommendations video, inventory tracker, and recommendation checklist ready for implementation
  • A customized content marketing plan with video overview and implementation checklist

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