How Project Management Platforms Increase Productivity

“I thought you were handling that?’

“Do you have a clean version of your logo?”

“When is this due again?”

“I am missing half of the content. Who is supposed to be tackling this?”

Sound familiar? Oh, let’s face it – when it comes to listing all the inquiries that happen during a project, the above BARELY scratches the surface. Plus, depending on the project size, that list can go on for days, depending on the scope of work and size of team needed to complete it!

One thing that always baffles me when working with entrepreneurs is how planning only seems to be one-sided. Ideas pop up, projects get discussed, then BAM! It’s straight to shooting off emails to any and everyone they think should be helping with it, and it’s off to the races…except, they’ve left the map at home.

More often than not, when I ask a client what project management platform they are currently using, the answer is…’I don’t have one.’ They don’t find them useful, or too cumbersome, or say ‘It’s just easier to use email and my calendar.’ And to that, I shake my head…

One of the most helpful tools a business can use to be as effective as possible in projects of any size, regardless of the industry, is a project management platform. Back in the day, project management consisted of three elements: a pencil, a piece of paper and a methodology. For the modern businesses, technology has continued to evolve in an effort to lower business costs, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction and user experience. To this end, wonderful project management platforms were born.

What is a project management platform?

I think most people understand that a project management platform can provide small to large businesses with a place to chart out their project planning, scheduling, resource allocation and help with team management. Most people also realize that it can allow project managers, contractors, and team members to manage a full scope of work within a project, such as budgeting, quality management and documentation of a project, all while running the day-to-day operations.

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But, few realize the full scope of just exactly how beneficial and life-changing (truly!) the right project management platform can provide.

What are the benefits in using them?

There is a wide variety of project management platforms available, each boasting their own set of features. However, they all share common benefits businesses can appreciate. Personally, I feel knowledge is power and nothing drains me more than not knowing where I am on a project. Chasing emails, wondering where a team member is on an asset – these things can drive me batty! That’s why, for me, a project management platform is essential.

Here are a few things that get handled by using a project management platform:

  • You can delegate tasks.

A project management platform allows you to easily delegate tasks to appropriate team members. By assigning roles and tasks in a project, each person understands more completely what’s expected of them, and has access to the necessary information about the project.

  • Collaboration becomes much easier.

Collaboration is only effective if if provides some relief! How can you feel relieved if you have no idea what’s going on or who is handling what? Using a project management platform allows you to collaborate on projects by sharing documents, timelines, and status updates with your team with ease. Many project management platforms now even offer communication tools that enable team members to discuss issues with one another in real time. No more feeling isolated or alone. No more sifting through emails to find answers.

  • You can access what you need anytime, anywhere. 

Since most project management platforms live on the web, you are able to work remotely from anywhere (providing you have internet access) and have all the information you need on the project in one central place. Now THAT rocks.

  • You can keep communications centralized. 

How often do you search your inbox for the latest comment, note, or file from either a client or a team member that is crucial to a project? How often to you find yourself waiting on feedback, login credentials,  or are looking for an update on the project’s status? No longer the case with a project management platform. It’s all there, at your finger tips.

  • You can standardize your processes.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the same process documented so you could use it consistently every time you needed to? Project management platforms assists with making all business processes standardized. Instead of different team members creating different document templates, all documents look and feel the same. Your business will have more consistency and unity if all team members are working from the same information, presented in the same way.

  • Staying on schedule means reaching your goals.

How often do you start a project thinking it will only take a certain number of hours, then before you know it, a month goes by, and you aren’t even sure where the end is? With project management platforms, you can determine your start date, outline the tasks needed to complete, assign due dates, and see when the expected completion date is from the beginning. You can keep track of a project, including what has been completed and what still needs to be done. Oh, and the system will alert team members of upcoming deadlines – so, no chasing!

I think I’ve made my point, eh? It’s no secret how effective project management can be for a business. In fact, it has become a fundamental way for businesses to optimize processes, ensuring the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness, all while carrying out projects. The only question now is…why isn’t everyone using them?

If you are looking for a way to stay ahead in today’s competitive and fast paced market, you have to be ready to be the most productive, efficient and timely business out there. You can’t do it alone.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you using a project management platform yet? If so, which one? If not, what is holding you back? Share your thoughts by commenting below!
About the Author Lysa Greer

Lysa is a seasoned Business Strategist and Service Designer with a profound commitment to crafting holistic, valued experiences. Her specialization lies in optimizing offers to empower service-based entrepreneurs in realizing their business visions. Drawing from 24 years of multifaceted experience in broadcast and digital media, Lysa offers an array of opportunities for collaboration with diverse clients and teams, fostering connections in both virtual and in-person settings.

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