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Creating an online course or program takes work. Luckily, you don't have to do it all yourself! The key is hiring the right collaborative partner. You need someone who can support you in your efforts to produce a fantastic online experience for your students while keeping your business growing at the same time. As Certified Thinkific Experts, we know the platform's ins and outs and not only can support you in your set up (or migration) but can also offer strategic support. We specialize in online course and program experiences, automation, and marketing, as well as leveraging your unique skills, instead of trying to do it all from scratch.


“My membership site was gearing up for an other launch and I felt overwhelmed and worried about getting everything done. I wasn't sure how to move forward and needed support. I felt immediately supported when I began working with Lysa and loved working with her. She always produced excellent results and really thought through what would be the best solution for my needs. She didn't just take tasks at face value, but added forward thinking to each one and I always felt like things were be taken care of professionally and with a great deal of thought put into each task. She also took feedback really well when communication on timelines felt fuzzy. She quickly made adjustments and was willing to work with me while we found our own work rhythm. I feel grateful to have found her."

SAMANTHA NOLAN-SMITH  //  Founder Of The School Of Visibility

“When I came to Lysa, I was overwhelmed with the production process of my online course. I had a handle on the content, but, needed support with making the design be cohesive with my brand. After working with Lysa, I was relieved to not only have had the support to get my online course ready to launch, but also for her creativity and ability to create the cohesiveness I was looking for within Thinkific and my website. I am very happy with Lysa’s work. I would highly recommend her for any Thinkific project. "

KAREN GRAHAM, RDN  //  Founder Of Smart Nutrition Academy

Our Process

Phase 1: Course Production Planning

In this phase, we will conduct a complete review of your online course/program. We also examine what you have completed so far within the set up of Thinkific (even if it's just signing up) to determine the production steps needed to get you launched. During this discovery phase, we assess your course content, the student learning journey, and compile strategies to support you in the execution of your program. Once this discovery process is complete, we move on the setting up your Thinkific platform.

Phase 2: Thinkific Set Up

Once all your course content has been reviewed and determined what production will be needed to complete your course, we begin setting up your Thinkific platform. This includes the production of your Thinkific home page, specific course sales page, legal pages, checkout pages, and all integrations needed to execute a streamlined process for your students. Once your content is completed, we then shift to setting up your curriculum and provide support to ensure your students have the best experience possible from start to finish.

Phase 3: Review & Optimization

Upon completion of the entire set up, we conduct a thorough review. This process allows us to take a holistic view of your course flow, user experience, and student fulfillment. It will enable any gaps to be filled in the process and verifies overall satisfaction, as well as identifies any needed follow-up activities.

portfolio samples 

*These are only a few samples of the work we've done for clients using the Thinkific platform. Click the images to open the lightboxes.

Kathleen Audet

Featured Production Elements:

Platform: Thinkific

project scope:

As part of a website redesign project with Kathleen Audet, we determined we could save her money by migrating her from Kajabi to Thinkific. Kathleen had a few programs and wanted to feature more digital products under one roof. The switch allowed her to save approximately $1,098 per year.

Bekka Prideaux

Featured Production Elements:

Platform: Thinkific

project scope:

As part of a website design and development project, Bekka Prideaux was seeking a platform that could both grow with her business and be cost effective during that growth. She was also looking for one that was easy to maintain, not too "techy" to use, and one that could feature other collaborators or guest instructors. Thinkifc was her perfect fit and also gave her affiliate marketing options to help grow her community.

Dr. Jack Singer

Featured Production Elements:

Platform: Thinkific

project scope:

As part of a website redesign project with Dr. Jack Singer, we determined we could consolidate all his digital products under one roof. This would allow for people to both learn more about his signature program, Developing the Mindset of a Champion, while accessing his books, masterclasses, and other digital resources.

jennifer louden

Featured Production Elements:

Platform: Thinkific

project scope:

As part of a collaboration with an online business manager, we noticed that Jennifer Louden's custom built membership site had many issues. The biggest was that too many customized elements created by too many  developers over the years left her site in a state of constant flare-ups and broken code. She also had a large audience and was seeking to utilize different marketing strategies without needing to spend more money. We determined her best choice for her membership site's new home to be Thinkific. Thinkific allowed her to easily manage her members and programs, released her from development headaches and costly maintenance, while also opening up her marketing opportunities.

“As we were looking to setup our on-demand program, we found ourselves both unfamiliar with Thinkific and unsure about what was possible with the platform. Lysa came in and provide more than simple instruction and support. She exceeded our expectations through both her creative ideas and insights on ways to fully craft an ideal student experience while fully utilizing Thinkific's features and functionality. She knows the software intimately and cuts you to the chase on answers so you don’t waste time. She also tackled the graphic design. This woman has massive SKILLS. She did a “Buyer’s Journey” evaluation of my new website, also, which helped us improve it even more. We highly recommend her and feel her talent and heart would be a huge asset to any company. "

BONNIE LOW-KRAMEN  //  CEO, Ultimate Assistant Training & Consulting, Inc.

“Lysa was amazing to work with and gave us great support and expertise, not only with the Thinkific platform, but also our other business tools. We now feel confident we had the tools and support to move forward with our project. Lysa is so generousness with what she provides in terms of knowledge and expertise, she definitely goes above and beyond!"

MATIU RUDOLPH  //  Director of Immersive Leader


“I was completely overwhelmed by the process of setting up a membership site - like I just had no clue how/where to begin! I was blown away by the results I received with Lysa and am really so appreciative of all of the aspects of her process. From the Welcome Packet (which I literally grabbed - with permission ;) - and implemented into my own business process) to the video tutorials that really helped clarify where we were going, what was going to happen next, how things work. My site looks completely pro now and I'm so grateful! Lysa and her team were great to work with.”

ARIANE TRELAUN  //  CEO Of Do Your Thing & Creator Of The Pricing Ninja Dojo

Unleashing Potential with One Hour of Focused Strategy

Our Fresh Take Consultations are designed to be the critical first step in collaborating with us. This one-hour consultation, priced at $500, is a deep dive into the heart of your business. Our goal is simple yet profound: to grasp what you, as a business owner, are aiming to achieve. Whether it's fleshing out a new project or refining an ongoing endeavor, we aim to understand the direction you envision.

What We Offer in Fresh Take Consultation:

  1. 1
    Initial Assessment of Your Business’s Current State: We start by assessing where your business stands today. Understanding your current position is crucial in charting the course forward.
  2. 2
    Foundation Analysis: What do you have in place? We evaluate your existing foundations - be it your business model, strategy, resources, or team dynamics - to understand the core from which we can build.
  3. 3
    Direction and Goal Setting: The essence of Fresh Take is to discern the direction you aspire to take. We discuss, refine, and set clear goals for your project or business venture.
  4. 4
    Crafting a Preliminary Roadmap: Based on our consultation, we sketch a preliminary roadmap. This roadmap will guide you to the next steps and lay the groundwork for a more comprehensive Business Blueprint Diagnostic, should you choose to proceed further.

Your Investment: $500