Just Do It

Just. Do. It. I’m starting to understand Nike’s motto in a whole new way…

Today, it happened again…I received another email from a fellow entrepreneur who is starting to develop an idea I thought of several months ago.

It’s not to say that my idea was supremely unique, but, it was a concept I wanted to implement in my business, and instead of doing it months earlier, I sat on it. I put it on the shelf, along with several others I’ve had over the years, and now, someone out there is doing it, and it makes me feel like I’ve let myself down, once again.

How often has this happened to you? For me, too many times.

For years, I’ve worked hard for others, and when I started my business I thought – FINALLY! I can do business MY way. I can execute MY ideas the way I want to do them. But the reality is, I haven’t yet.

Oh, I could argue I don’t have enough time.

I could say that it’s not ready to give to the world yet – that it’s not perfected, or polished, or branded, or (insert any excuse here).

I could worry that it could fall flat; that it won’t resonate with people.

Or, I could just. do. it.

Too often we worry WAY too much about the production details not being ‘ready’ that we talk ourselves out of just doing it! Who cares if the branding isn’t ready, or the funnel isn’t fully thought out, or the assets are produced.

[bctt tweet=”If you don’t get your idea out there, someone else will.”]

Just. DO. IT.

This week, I pushed a client to just do it. She had an idea, one she’s been sitting on for a few months. She started to get worried that someone might start doing it soon, as chatter in her community started circling the concept. So I said, ‘Let’s just do it!” She argued she didn’t have the full outline ready, nor the sales page, nor a logo…and I said…WHO CARES.

Let’s do a ‘Coming Soon’ page, and start a waitlist…and BAM, it’s gone from the ‘idea. shelf’ to the production line.

I then started thinking…‘ Lysa, just do it. Do something you’ve been putting off because you were afraid it wasn’t ‘ready’, and just start it.’ So, I did. It was my newsletter…which I’d held off beginning to send out because I was worried my list was too small. I worried I didn’t have something important to say; that people may find ‘yet another email’ in their inbox annoying.

But, it doesn’t matter how big my list is… I have something to say.

Do I worry no one will read this? Yep.

Do I stress out that no one will comment, or share, or learn from it? You bet.

But, if I don’t just do it, I never will.

So, I’m jumping in…barefoot, no holds barred, and just doing it.

What are you holding back on right now in your business? Have you ever experienced seeing your idea out there, being realized by someone else? Share your doubts, fears, and aspirations with me in the comment section below, and take the challenge to jump in and just do it.
About the Author Lysa Greer

Lysa is a seasoned Business Strategist and Service Designer with a profound commitment to crafting holistic, valued experiences. Her specialization lies in optimizing offers to empower service-based entrepreneurs in realizing their business visions. Drawing from 24 years of multifaceted experience in broadcast and digital media, Lysa offers an array of opportunities for collaboration with diverse clients and teams, fostering connections in both virtual and in-person settings.

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